Do you massage cats?

Yes if they’ll let me. Cats are some of the less patient clients I get. Often, even domesticated cats can be difficult to introduce a new person to. They frequently have “off-limit” areas and can be very strict about personal space. However, even in the most extreme cases, I am willing to work with an [...]

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Can massage improve performance?

Absolutely. Not only has it been shown to improve flexibility, but it has also shown to regulate heart rate and improve race times. Here is a study done on Arabian racehorses showing significant improvement during the racing season by incorporating 3 massages per week on the equine athletes. “The changes of the parameters throughout the [...]

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Does massage improve range of motion?

In this study, massage was found to significantly improve a horse’s ability to move their hind limbs away from their body with human assistance, as well as on their own. We all want to show the judges longer, more free-flowing strides. This confirms massage as an exciting addition to the competitive equestrian’s training program before, [...]

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Will my pet be sore after her bodywork?

The primary feeling, they will have is relief. I do not believe in forcing muscles to release or stretch which is often results in soreness. I work with your pet to help show them how to relax their own bodies. This process allows for faster recognition of therapeutic techniques in the future and longer-lasting results [...]

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Why do a pre-competition massage?

A pre-competition Massage will get your horse or dog's blood moving and muscles warmed up before you even get into the warmup arena. It will help with relaxation and focus. When a horse walks into the arena a pre-competition Massage helps to reduce the risk of injury to legs and back by making sure the [...]

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How often should my pet receive a Bowen session?

Bowen can be given as often as you would like. If your pet is experiencing an issue, 3 sessions over a ten-day period are recommended to get the most out of the therapy.

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What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy is a very light manipulation of the fascia that signals the brain to reset body alignment, increase relaxation, stimulate the lymphatic system, release endorphins, interrupt the pain loops in the body, interrupt the muscle spasm loops in the body, improves mobility & works to release emotions retained in muscle memory.

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What is Animal Bodywork?

Bodywork is defined as any therapeutic or developmental technique that involves manipulation of the body, breathwork or energetic healing. What we have learned through humans had been adapted to animals and expanded upon because animals are among our greatest teachers.

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