Equine Kinesiology Tape

Equine Kinesiology Tape

What Is Equine Kinesiology Tape?

Magic tape can aid injured muscles ~ Dr. Kenzo Kase

The results possible with Kinesiology taping do sometimes feel and look kind of magical, but it’s been proven to reduce pain and increase mobility among other benefits. We use kinesiology tape as a fantastic compliment to manual therapies, like massage or Bowen therapy, because it extends the bodywork beyond the session with your practitioner. In other words, if you massage an area and then follow with tape, even if that tape only stays on your horse or dog for a few hours, it is as if the massage lasts a few additional hours after the therapist has left.

Taping applications can last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks depending on various factors including weather, temperature, grooming products used, blanketing, the horse’s work load, the location the tape was applied, and many other factors.

Keep in mind! The more frequently a horse is seen, the more easily your bodywork professional will be able to tap into this communication as well as maintain an overall state of physical balance.

Lilly and her massage therapy has been amazing for my senior horse Elvis. I can tell if he hasn’t had a session with her in a few days. He’s really stiff and moving slowly. Not eating as well and in general not as comfortable as I would like for him to be. So I now keep him on a regular schedule with her. It makes his life better! Thanks Lilly!!

Kim F, Arena Sports Massage offers a great service!

Lillian is incredible. Her dedication to and focus on rescue animals, is inspiring. Both of our rescues had behavioral challenges and Lillian made a significant impact. Better than any trainer out there!

My horse loves Lil’s therapeutic work. She dotes on all of the animals that she comes in contact with and they show their appreciation of her time, touch, and attention!

Comment: Thank you! You have such a great crew. It’s always my pleasure to work with them.

Melissa Spell Deal, Recommended Service!

Here are some of the ways K-taping can be used to make a significant impact with your animal:

  • pain relief for tight or tired muscles
  • relief for nerve pain
  • supports muscle function and mobility and allows the fascia to glide so movement feels easier and smoother
  • provides limb awareness so steps are more accurate and more precise
  • improves blood circulation bringing nutrients and oxygen to the body that are vital parts of performance and recovery
  • improves lymphatic drainage ~ the lymphatic system removes toxins from the body so they don’t get stuck in important things like organs or stocked up in legs
  • utilizes acupressure meridians ~ energetic releases that go deeper than the muscles we can touch with our hands
  • help to balance muscular asymmetries
  • the list goes on!

How clients explain taping:

Melissa Spell Deal: In my very unscientific description, the taping provides support and also awareness. The horses immediately seem more comfortable and move differently. I’ve seen it time and again after Lil’s taping. I’ve even had it done on myself and found it reduced pain greatly.

Hannah Flannery: To provide support to a specific area by increasing blood flow and helping fascia glide easily ~~~ Increased blood flow brings fresh oxygenated blood to the area to aid healing. Improved circulation also helps decrease swelling.”

Kim Smith: Taping stabilizes and gives support to an injured or sore area and increases blood flow to help with healing. Taping takes the pressure off the injured or sore area to give it time to heal. Taping has been amazing for our girls for a blown tendon, arthritis, general soreness. It has helped our one mare so much that she holds an adjustment now and this is directly related to the amazing work Lillian has done with her massage and taping. Seeing is believing it is so beneficial.

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