Equine Massage

Equine Massage

What Is Equine Massage?

Horses have a unique job. They not only carry us but do their best to correct any imbalances we have as riders so that we are able to work together. When we are stronger on one side than the other, for example, the horse must compensate to keep the team balanced. Over time, this compensation often leads to imbalances in their body which can lead to ailments such as weak tendons and ligaments, pinched nerves, and chronic soreness in the muscles. These things can lead to decreased performance, unexpected down time, and worse.

Massage is a wellness tool that should be utilized for wellness not just after there is already an issue. Regular massage therapy puts a practitioner’s hands on your horse whose goal is to help you maintain a healthy horse & will contribute to troubleshooting and potential problems that may arise.

Keep in mind! The more frequently a horse is seen, the more easily your bodywork professional will be able to tap into this communication as well as maintain an overall state of physical balance.

Lilly and her massage therapy has been amazing for my senior horse Elvis. I can tell if he hasn’t had a session with her in a few days. He’s really stiff and moving slowly. Not eating as well and in general not as comfortable as I would like for him to be. So I now keep him on a regular schedule with her. It makes his life better! Thanks Lilly!!

Kim F, Arena Sports Massage offers a great service!

Lillian is incredible. Her dedication to and focus on rescue animals, is inspiring. Both of our rescues had behavioral challenges and Lillian made a significant impact. Better than any trainer out there!

My horse loves Lil’s therapeutic work. She dotes on all of the animals that she comes in contact with and they show their appreciation of her time, touch, and attention!

Comment: Thank you! You have such a great crew. It’s always my pleasure to work with them.

Melissa Spell Deal, Recommended Service!
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